Is this how Congress Party defines Patriotism?

Disappointed and frustrated over the success of the Narendra Modi government at the centre, the Congress party has now entered a phase of deep depression. The despondency in the grand old party is so acute that the Congress party has even failed to discharge its role of a responsible opposition in the country.

Given the rising frustration levels, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi is unable to draw the distinction between pro-national and anti national activities. The unfortunate incident at Jawaharlal National University (JNU) cannot be condoned and considered pro nation by any stretch of imagination. The anti-India sloganeering and open support for terrorists at India’s premier university cannot be accepted by any citizen of this country. To top it, the statements given by Rahul Gandhi and other Congress leaders in JNU amply demonstrates, yet again, that they have neither regard nor love for the nation or its interests.

Just to recap, the following slogans were raised by a bunch of left leaning students at the JNU campus:

• “Pakistan Zindabad“ (पाकिस्तान जिंदाबाद)
• “Go India, Go Back (गो इंडिया गो बैक)
• “Bharat Ki Barbadi Tak Jang Rahegi Jari” (भारत की बरबादी तक जंग रहेगी जारी)
• “Kashmir Ki Azadi Tak Jang Rahegi Jari” (कश्मीर की आजादी तक जंग रहेगी जारी)
• “Afzal Ham Sharminda Hain Tere Kaatil Zinda Hain” (अफ़ज़ल हम शर्मिन्दा है तेरे कातिल ज़िंदा हैं)
• “Tum Kitane Afzal Maroge, Har Ghar Se Afzal Nikalega” (तुम कितने अफजल मरोगे, हर घर से अफ़ज़ल निकलेगा)
• Afzal Tere Khoon Se Inqalab Ayega” (अफ़ज़ल तेरे खून से इन्कलाब आयेगा)

It is indeed sad that Rahul Gandhi has been defending such students in the name of democracy. Is this Rahul Gandhi’s idea of nationalism and patriotism where a motley group of students aggressively talk about breaking the nation? By terming sedition as merely students’ revolution and the action taken by authorities as a harsh step to curb freedom of expression, Rahul Gandhi has shown his lack of compassion and commitment towards India’s unity and integrity. I want to ask him if his support for such slogans means that he has joined hands with the separatists? Does he want to give free hand to separatists in the name of freedom of expression and wants another division of the country?

This incident at the JNU is nothing but a conspiracy to turn this premier institution of country into a hotbed for separatism and terrorism and bring it bad name. I want to ask Rahul Gandhi that given the seditious activities at the JNU campus, should the central government have remained a mute spectator? Would inaction of the central government been in the interest of the nation? Are you not encouraging anti national forces by supporting such shameful anti-national activities?

During his visit to the JNU campus, Rahul Gandhi compared the current government at the centre with Hitler’s Germany. Before leveling such a ridiculous charge, Rahul Gandhi perhaps forgot that the only period in independent India where such a comparison can be drawn was in 1975 when Mrs. Indira Gandhi imposed emergency. Emergency not only crushed freedom of expression but also ensured that Indira Gandhi’s political opponents were simply thrown into prison. It is rather ironical that Left leaders, who are today finding support from Rahul Gandhi, were also victims of emergency’s assault on freedom and democratic rights. The traits of Hitler’s persona are in Congress party’s DNA and BJP does not need the Congress to lecture it on value of nationalism and democracy. Our political conduct and morals are inspired by India’s rich culture, heritage, centuries of values and ethos while India’s constitution guides our governance philosophy.I want to know from Rahul Gandhi if the 1975 emergency defines Congress party’s democratic values and doesn’t he find a parallel between Smt. Indira Gandhi and Hitler?

A number of Indian soldiers have been martyred over the years in their untiring effort and display of utmost courage to defend the country’s borders and keep a check on terrorists in Kashmir. During the 2001 terrorist attack on the country’s Parliament, six Delhi Police personnel, two personnel from Parliament’s security and one gardener were martyred. Is this Rahul Gandhi’s nationalism and patriotism that he defends those who raise slogans in favour of Parliament attack mastermind Afzal Guru and support separatism in Kashmir? I want to ask Rahul Gandhi if this is how he has offered his tribute to the 10 soldiers including Lance Naik Hanumanthappa, who lost their lives while defending the nation at the icy heights of Siachen Glacier, by openly supporting anti national activities at JNU?

As a result of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts, after the BJP government came to power, we are finally seeing success in controlling the anti-India sentiment in the Kashmir valley. But instead of supporting the government in this crucial task, the Congress party is not only defending but encouraging such shameful activities at JNU. The support for anti-national sloganeering at JNU by those who subscribe to the Leftist ideology cannot be accepted at any cost in the name of freedom of expression and progressive thought.

On behalf of 1.25 billion Indian citizens, I seek responses to my questions from Congress President Smt. Sonia Gandhi and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and demand that Rahul Gandhi should apologies to the nation for his support to forces inimical to India’s interests.

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  • Guruprasad Posted February 15, 2016 8:59 pm

    Sir, I’m sick of this Congress and other political parties, they can go for any extent to retain power. Unless stringent measures are taken, they will always find a way to come back. Please ask your spokesperson not to attend any shows in NDTV, IndiaToday. They are the worst channels in this country. They cant distinguish between going against Modi and going against India.


  • s.suriyanarayanan Posted February 16, 2016 5:33 am

    Unless subsidies to JNU and FTII are seriously regulated and rationed, ante India parasites cannot be kept out of these so called institutions

  • Ravi Kumar Posted February 16, 2016 8:24 am

    It’s a shame, that we need to bear such anti-national like RaGa in our country. Actually, everyone is sick of these dirty politics by all opposition parties, who doesn’t even think what they are doing. In the name of opposition, they are supporting terrorism, terrorist organization and Pakistan. I will not be surprised if one fine day, we discover that these opposition party/ies are hand-in-glove with terrorist!

  • Saurabh Posted February 18, 2016 10:13 pm

    I agree with your criticism of Rahul Gandhi .. but still we could have gone about it in a better manner… first of all there were around 8 to 10 students who had covered their faces during the shouting session. They were the real culprits. We need to catch them, and bring them to task in a lawful manner.

    Secondly regarding the incident at Patiala House Court initiated by our MLA, we should have taken stringent action against him, his action made us appear like a villain and the Communist forces got to look like heroes. The entire Media became anti BJP and anti Government. We need to learn to manage media in a better manner.

  • Dr Dev Raj Mishra Posted February 20, 2016 9:53 pm

    Amitji, you need a strong VC at such universities

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